What do you want?

Do you want to be a more powerful force in the world? Do you feel a longing to play a much larger game in life? Or, perhaps do you want to feel that you–yes, YOU–can play that larger game, and win?

Are you longing for a heart-centered, spiritually-connected sex life, a way to deepen your spiritual and sexual connection? Do you know that there’s more to sex than what you’re currently experiencing?

Are you seeking more depth, intimacy and frequent sex in your relationship(s), but struggle to make it happen? Does “pleasing your lover” and “getting what you want” sexually feel like incompatible goals and you worry you will live the rest of your life making compromises that leave you both unfulfilled?

Are you longing to be the confident, powerful lover you know women want, but still feel like your anxieties are getting the best of you?

Do you sense your connection with women could be much deeper? That there is a place of much deeper understanding of and connection with women that’s available – if only you could figure out how to get there?

If you found yourself saying “yes” to one or more of these questions, consider this your invitation to a bigger and more fulfilling life.

I’d like to introduce you to the group of men who will transform your life, and carry you from the man you are now to the man you want to be, forcibly if necessary. Men of compassion, conviction, and courage who own their sexuality as their life force, and see in every other man a brother on the same path to remaking the world from the inside out.

These men feel a depth of commitment, an upswelling of heart, and generosity of spirit. Should they fall, they know within themselves that they are not alone–and that inner knowledge allows them to perform feats that others would call impossible.  

Your Destiny is calling–Will you answer?

The Evolved Masculine Path

If you are ready to step into your masculine power, become an evolved lover, and live the life of your dreams, you can schedule a free Masculine Empowerment Session to determine if you are the right fit for this program. 

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90 Days to Transform Your Life

1) Deep Masculine Empowerment

2) Sexual Self-Mastery

3) Understanding and Gratifying Women

This program is not just a program to help you “last longer in bed,” although it will.

This is not a “pick-up-artist” program, although you will find yourself enjoying massive success with whomever you desire.

This program is not merely a “personal empowerment” or “spiritual development” course, although you will develop a clear sense of personal power, purpose, and direction. 

This program has no competitors and few alternatives for the sort of total transformation it offers. It is only for the deeply committed.

The Evolved Masculine Path offers you something revolutionary in content AND personalized in approach. This program is about cultivating sexual energy inside you, changing you from the inside out, manifesting this into all aspects of your life and connecting you with a powerful band of brothers who support and encourage each other to become truly exceptional men.

By the end of this program you will know how to deeply satisfy your partner, and carry the knowledge inside you that, should you so choose, your presence and touch could satisfy any woman.

You will not only astonish women in bed and feel strength emanating from you in a way perhaps you’ve never felt–you will become a FORCE in the world, a man who owns his truth and his power.

Transform with the Space, Freedom and Support to:

Achieve Deep Masculine Empowerment, to cultivate your unique masculine sexual presence and power and cultivate your energy naturally to supercharge your energy level in EVERYTHING you do, to be the rock-solid, heart-centered man that women are craving.

Cultivate Sexual Self-Mastery – learn how to eliminate your own blocks and limitations, master sexual energy, and have the sexual control you’ve perhaps only dreamed about. Learn to ejaculate when and IF you want and truly master your sexual energy, instead of your energy controlling you.

Understand and Gratify Women – learn how to become that truly “elite” lover and enjoy sexual relationships that are exciting and satisfying beyond your – and her – wildest dreams. Learn how to communicate with heart-centered honesty in a way that opens her to feel safe to express her needs and makes her WANT to please you.

Tap Into Your Sexual Energy for True Greatness – Instead of relating to sex as a fun distraction from “real life,” learn how your sexual energy truly IS your life force, and affects EVERYTHING you do, and learn how to tap into this power in every aspect of your life (something all highly successful people do naturally).

What Men Have to Say About The Evolved Masculine Path

What an amazingly powerful training! I feel as if I’ve been shot out of cannon and hit with a cannon ball simultaneously. You men are beautiful souls and spirits. Thank you for embracing and accepting me into the circle so free of judgment. I’m blown away. I know today I’m in a new place spiritually, emotionally, mentally and sexually. I want more and look forward to all that’s coming.


Destin is a thoroughly empowering coach; he helped me connect and stay connected to my intention, my power, and my ability to tap into the Evolved Masculine within myself..

S.Z. Berlin, Germany

Frankly, I was blown away by the amazingly profound and deep sharing, by the enormous ah ha’s, by the transformation we all witnessed, by the leadership Destin provided and so much more. Already this has been an incredible journey, and I deeply appreciate the comradeship, wisdom and example I (and others) experienced in you. I am so thrilled for what lies ahead.

M.H. California

My name is Destin Gerek; I am the founder of the Evolved Masculine Path. I am a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you awaken your masculine sexual energy, while harnessing this new found power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams.

I have worked with multi-millionaires and struggling artists, CEOs and the unemployed, celebrity musicians, authors and actors, coaches and trainers, porn stars and yoga teachers, and regularly speak to and communicate with an audience that spans 6 continents.

I specialize in unlocking the potential in men. I draw forth qualities from my clients they might not see in themselves and open up new realities to men they didn’t know were possible.

Many men come to me with shame, fear, anxieties, guilt and frustration. It’s okay – wherever you are at is just fine. I have experienced all of these feelings in my journey While I’ve grown a lot, it was not a perfect path – I made many mistakes and faced many dark moments.

When I say “If I can do it, you can do it, too,” it’s not because I was born talented or everything came easily. It’s because often I had to work very hard, make a lot of mistakes, and suffer doubts and anxieties along the way. And through that process I’ve learned how to make it easier for you to eventually succeed. I don’t expect you to be perfect, but open and willing to do what it takes to be exceptional.

We all come with our baggage, our stories – things our parents, peers or media told us. Many men struggle with the worry they are “not good enough” and either withdraw or put on a façade to hide their fear from the world. I have worked with many, many men with different but similar stories. The good news is, wherever you are at, you are not alone. And I can help you.

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